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Why call on LaFirme for the migration of your website?

The host changing is inevitable in the life cycle of a website. Whether it is to increase the resources of your online portal, you may have to switch to a more efficient service. The migration of a site may also be necessary if you want to bring more scale to your business on the Internet as for an online store.

Jean-Maxime Tremblay and his team at LaFirme offer you the migration of your website safely and professionally. Contact us for a quick quote on this service.

At LaFirme, we correctly understand the risks involved in a poorly prepared website migration. The issues can range from a simple bug in its functionalities to the total loss of your online portal. It is also possible that hackers may intercept your site's data and modify it without your notice during the migration process.

You should know that our professionals are fully capable of identifying these risks and implementing an effective strategy to avoid them. You can be assured that the change of host will be done in the most secure way to allow the publishing of your website as quickly as possible.

Jean-Maxime Tremblay LaFirme Web Agency

LaFirme's process for the migration of your website


Taking preventive measures

This step is particularly crucial in the migration of your website. Preventive measures such as creating a backup and redirecting links are necessary to limit the risk of losing your online portal.


Migration process

The migration of your website from your old host is done in an encrypted way with secure tools to avoid any interception attempt by hackers. At this stage, we regularly follow up operations to ensure that all files from your online portal are successfully transferred.


Final checks and publication

Once the migration is complete, the LaFirme team will proceed with a verification phase to detect any bugs on your newly transferred site. Since the transfer of a website generally affects SEO, we can optimize the SEO of your online portal according to your needs.

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