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Website analysisWebsite analysis

You find that your website is not performing well? It's probably time to do a web analysis of your website! Through the web analysis, you will be able to know exactly the limitations of your website, clearly identify its strengths and weaknesses and at the same time, redesign the marketing aspect of your website.

LaFirme's team is able to analyze your website in order to maintain and/or improve its performance and visibility according to the evolution of web trends, the demands of Internet users and new search engine recommendations.

Our team is constantly on the lookout for new technologies. We keep in mind that your website is the showcase of your business and that through it, you maintain your brand image with your customers.

During the analysis therefore, our Internet audit expert will analyze the technical strengths and weaknesses of your website, check your audience statistics as well as the referencing of your website and your presence on social networks.

Website analysis

website creationWEBSITE CREATION


The creation of a website is today a privileged tool for companies to stay in touch with their customers, to get more prospects, to develop their brand and to generate more traffic.

Did you know that a well-designed and optimized website contributes greatly to the notoriety and development of your company's activities? It is your company's showcase to your customers at all times. It is the best - and simplest - way for you to increase your competitiveness as well as your visibility.

As the design of a website is not easy and still involves a lot of time, entrusting the creation of your website as well as its maintenance to a professional agency such as LaFirme Agence Web, guarantees you a high-performance platform that will allow you to expand your company's fields of action and achieve your goals.

LaFirme's team has already created hundreds of websites and can assist you in the design of your new website.

Also, we create most of our websites with the powerful Wordpress CMS, a powerful open-source software adapted to the modern web.


We are equipped and experienced in SEO and SEO. On-site optimization and off-site SEO are areas where we can significantly improve the visibility of a company organically.

A well-optimized and well-referenced site will have positive long-term impacts on the sales and visibility of an SME.

Are you thinking of investing in SEO on your website? Ask an SEO specialist in Beauport for advice.



web coaching

Support and training are very important when managing a website. Most websites made by the contractors themselves have many errors and problems that could have been avoided. Initial training and ongoing support in website management can improve the long term results of a website.

responsive websiteMobility

Optimizing the website for smart phones and tablets is now very important for your search engine visibility. A website adapted to mobile phones is also much more accessible for your visitors.

We perform website modernization work to better appear on mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets. Consult us to adjust your Responsive website.

responsive website

Internet marketingWEB MARKETING

Internet marketing

We can support and advise you in your Internet advertising campaigns - Google Adwords and Facebook.

To optimize and improve your Internet advertising campaigns, our team will be able to advise you.


Does your website need some corrections or updates, and at the same time, some improvements? Through website maintenance, be it corrective and/or evolutionary, you will be able to maintain and improve the performance of your website.

Also, the maintenance of your website allows you to reduce the risks of errors - such as broken hyperlinks, 404 pages, or outdated information - and to sustain your growth. As the web is, indeed, a constantly evolving environment, the maintenance and regular upkeep of your website allows you to be more efficient, generating more traffic, but also to take care of your company's image on the web.

Website maintenance

Web graphic designerWeb designer

graphic designer specialized in web components

Our web agency has a graphic designer specialized in web elements. We can propose visual corrections of style and shapes, personalized designs or unique drawings.

We are also equipped to work with Videos (Youtube, Vimeo, MP4, and others).

LaFirme is a web agency specialized in website, online store and blog correction, maintenance and upkeep. Through the maintenance and correction missions that we have been entrusted with, our team of experts has been able to strengthen its skills and develop its techniques in website enhancement and maintenance.

As a technical partner, LaFirme is committed to bring you its expertise to analyze your needs and determine the best solution to make your website more efficient.