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To ensure the success of its marketing campaign on the Internet or to make itself known, a company must have a high-performance website. Its online portal must be relevant, offering fluid navigation while being visible on search engines. To obtain such a result, consider entrusting the creation of your online portal to a competent Montreal web agency such as LaFirme.

Why choose our web agency in Montreal?

At LaFirme web agency in Montreal, we understand the importance of a performing website for a company. That's why we treat each project differently to focus on the specific needs of the companies that trust us. It can be website maintenance, to optimize your online portal on search engines, or the creation of a new site.

Know that our web agency in Montreal is composed of a team of competent professionals, supervised by the web marketing specialist, Jean-Maxime Tremblay. During the entire project, we do not only do maintenance or creation of websites; we offer you customized support. You will have all the assistance you need for decision making and technical help for the choice of the different tools to be integrated on your site.

Jean-Maxime Tremblay LaFirme Web Agency

Services offered by Lafirme web agency in Montreal

Working on websites has no secrets for the professional team of our web agency in Montreal. The services we offer are focused on specific work such as optimization, redesign, and even website creation. However, you can communicate your needs to us so that we can provide you with customized services.
Here are the most requested services at LaFirme web agency in Montreal :

  • Website analysis
  • Creation of websites
  • SEO referencing
  • Web Coaching
  • Responsive design
  • Web Marketing
  • Web correction

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