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Why optimize your visibility on search engines?

For a company, the fastest way to get known is to have a website visible on search engines and social networks. It is also essential to go through an SEO optimization of your online portal. We then advise you to use the services of a specialized web agency to improve your visibility and increase your traffic on the internet.

You should be aware that being at the top of the search engine results allows you to establish a reputation in your field of activity. Your online portal being the first contact between you and your potential customers, it is crucial to ensure optimal functionality in both its visibility and ergonomics.

The team of SEO specialists at LaFirme

LaFirme web agency has all the necessary assets, and especially a particularly competent team, to optimize the SEO referencing of your website.

Jean-Maxime Tremblay LaFirme Web Agency

When it concerns SEO, we use professional diagnostic tools to keep every detail that could affect your organic traffic. We analyze each data produced at the time of the diagnosis in a precise way, and if there is a flaw on your website, you can be sure that we will detect it.

Jean-Maxime Tremblay, a web marketing specialist, lead our team. We will help you set up a personalized SEO strategy to reach your goals quickly.

Our methods of intervention

Jean-Maxime Tremblay and his team at LaFirme have implemented an SEO methodology that has been refined over time. This approach allows us to find the best strategy according to your company's needs.


We will then carry out an in-depth analysis of your online portal—the tools we use to produce accurate data that allows us to develop a highly competent SEO strategy.


Once the analysis is completed, we launch the optimization process that consists of keywords search, the implementation of an internal mesh, and the improvement of your URLs. Depending on the case, other improvements may also be possible such as SEO tag optimization.


At the end of the SEO optimization process, we do not forget the tracking phase, which is crucial to ensure a proper SEO of your website. We store all the data related to your site in our analysis tools and regularly carry out a systematic improvement.

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