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Why perform an analysis of your website?

The analysis of a website is an essential step in the maintenance of an online portal. Today various tools allow everyone to carry out this process; however, it is always necessary to involve a professional. The decryption of the results, and especially the analysis that follows, requires a particular technical skill in the field of the web.

Ask for an analysis of your website by Jean-Maxime Tremblay and the specialists at LaFirme, a web agency specialized in website maintenance since 2006. Here are the main advantages of a website analysis at LaFirme :

  • Detect all the failures present on your website
  • Highlight any gaps in SEO referencing
  • To better correct possible bugs
  • Find the most suitable solutions to increase the performance of your website given loading speed and ergonomics
  • Determine possible improvements to be applied to your online portal
Jean-Maxime Tremblay LaFirme Web Agency

To guarantee the quality of its website, it is essential to carry out a systematic analysis as often as possible. A website analysis is a set of procedures designed to detect any shortcomings in your online portal and the necessary improvements in SEO, content, or performance.

The different stages of analysis of a website

At Lafirme, we use specialized tools for website analysis. They allow us to establish precise diagnostics to target the gaps in your web portal as much as possible. Here are the main steps involved in the process of analyzing a website:


Bug Detection

This step allows us to detect all forms of failures on your website. This process can include broken links, unloaded content, which may be caused by a bad manipulation of your source code.


SEO analysis

A website analysis also takes into account a diagnosis of your SEO. We determine your position on search engines and evaluate the best solutions to adopt to propel your website on the first page of results.


Performance analysis

The loading speed being one of the quality criteria of an online portal, we end the analysis of your website with a performance test. At the end of this step, we will be able to determine the factors that could slow down your site and the options to choose to overcome them.

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