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Why create a website at LaFirme?

The web, in all its forms, is our specialty. We have a team composed of several developers, graphic designers, SEOs, led by Jean-Maxime Tremblay, a specialist in web marketing. You can be sure that we will provide you with a quality website with all the tools you will need for your business (contact form, online shop, instant messaging).

You have the possibility to request a turnkey site, design and SEO included. Our team is fully operational to carry out any type of web project you will entrust us with. Also, we strive to overcome any difficulties in a professional manner and thus meet the deadlines set for the completion of the project.

The creation of a website is an essential step in your digital development, allowing you to set up an online portal accessible by your prospects and future employees. Although today there are tools that allow you to design your website yourself, it is advisable to let this task to professionals to ensure its effectiveness.

Jean-Maxime Tremblay LaFirme Web Agency

A website is above all the fastest way to make yourself known to your prospects. It is not only a presentation page but also a full-time advertisement and a digital business card. A website can also serve as a reception center to communicate with your customers, receive orders, and even make sales. In short, these are all reasons not to rush its creation and to entrust this task only to competent professionals.

The different stages of creating a website at LaFirme


Content production

Once we have been collected all the information for the website, we prepare the layout of its content, i.e., text, images, and other elements such as forms. We then integrate each component and ensure that the site is bug-free before the first delivery.


Adjustment and correction

Your satisfaction is our primary goal. That's why we submit a first draft of the site to our customers to determine if all the details are suitable for them. If necessary, you have the opportunity to request corrections before final validation at this stage.



Once you have validated the site, we proceed to its SEO optimization. To do this, we start with an SEO diagnosis of our specialized analysis tools. ThenThen we establish the list of keywords and fill in the meta tags necessary for search engines. Finally, we end the SEO phase with more complex processes, such as backlinking.

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